Privacy Policy

Published May 14, 2019, 10:40 p.m.

Services and products that we use that may impact your privacy



Cookies are typically small files that contain data that gets saved between sessions to your device to improve your experience, and these cookies can contain unique identifiers. Most browsers allow you to configure them to either disable cookies all together, customize which ones you want, and/or just notify you  when cookies are being stored so you can become more aware. 

This website uses cookies in order to function. The cookies we use:

Session Cookies - These are pretty much required to operate, they keep track of your current session. 

Security Cookies - These are used for security purposes. 


Google Analytics

I use Google Analytics, to measure performance of the website and to collect various statistics. If you wish to opt-out of Google Analytics, one method is to use the GA Opt-out plugin


Google Adsense

This website is monetized with Google Adsense ads. For European users, ads are marked non-targeted.

To learn more about Google products and your privacy, as well as to learn how you can pick and choose what you want tracked about you, visit:



To make a request regarding GDPR, feel free to email me @ Currently, this website doesn't store any personal info on users, however. Possibly in the future, if I include user accounts, this will become more relevant. 

You should be able to handle your GDPR/Privacy with regards to this website within your browser and Google account settings, but feel free to reach out.